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We take great care to ensure that our puppies are placed into the right homes and it is very rare for one of our own puppies/dogs to come up for re-homing.  

However, we do sometimes help other owners and breeders when a dog needs to find a new home through a change in circumstances and these dogs may be advertised on this page.



Male Anglo Wulfdog

Dob 31.3.14  -  4 years old

Located:  King's Lynn, Norfolk


"Seb" is sadly being rehomed due to one of the children in the family

 developing an allergy to dog hair.  He is good with children and in

and away from the home. He is very excitable on a lead and barks

at other dogs because he wants to play. He isn't great at recall

and thinks it's a game but he loves a run in the woods.

He is ok with cats and other dogs.




Male Anglo Wulfdog

Dob 15.10.15  -  2 1/2 years old

Located:  Scarborough, Yorks.


"Storm" is a family pet who currently lives with another Anglo Wulfog.

He is used to children but needs to be in a home with no children

as he recently snapped at a child (for whatever reason)

Preferably a home with no other dogs but he may get on with one

other dog if given time to adjust and find his place in the family.

Very affectionate unless challenged.  Needs a new home

due to his owner's ill health.






Male Anglo Wulfdog

Dob 29.5.11  -  6+ years old

Located:  Stoke on Trent, Staffs


"Druid" has taken a dislike to the male Alaskan Malamute he lives

with and the owner's health issues means that "Druid" can no

longer live in the house - he now lives in an outdoor kennel but

he was previously a house dog and likes his home comforts.

Preferably a home with no other dogs or small pets.

A powerful but affectionate dog who would benefit from

a fit and active owner.


Female Anglo Wulfdog

Dob 31.3.14 - 4 years old

Located:  Whitehaven, Cumbria

"Ora" was badly treated in her first home and was rescued 2 years

ago by her current owner, who has worked hard to gain her trust.

She has socialised her and done marvels with basic training.

"Ora" is very obedient on and off lead but loves to play with other

dogs, so on occasions will run off to play.  She pulls a bit but if

commanded to "heel" she will walk nicely.  You can't shout at her

as she gets really petrified - a raised voice is enough to tell her off.

She loves cuddles and attention.  She is good with the family’s young

boys and usually keeps out of their way.  She doesn’t like small dogs

or cats and usually barks at JRTs.  She has started to play fetch and

has learned to play with people.  She is timid with adults when they

enter the house but once settled she will come to sniff and be

interested in them.  She jumps up when excited but isn’t pushy

and backs off when told to sit.  "Ora" needs a very patient and

sympathetic home, ideally with another dog for company.



Male Anglo Wulfdog

Dob  16.6.17 - 10 months old

Located:  Immingham, Lincs.

"Freki" needs a new home due to his owners emigrating.  He is

good with children and the cats he lives with, but will try to chase

cats while on a walk.  He is good off lead ad will recall for a treat.

He is good with other dogs and is very submissive.  He is timid

with strangers and needstime to be allow to approach them he is

ready.  He is very affectionate and likes his cuddles.  He love to

play, especially in water, and would get on well with another dog

to play with.  He is fairly obedient and is house trained - but not

crate trained (he hates being in a crate).  He is still a puppy and

needs a patient but confident owner.


Please email: enquiries@sansorrella.com for more information

All information given in the descriptions is what I have been told by the owners



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